The family of Albizia includes some species of long seed pod, trees with fern-like and feathery foliage, vines, and shrubs. The most popular Albizia tree rapidly grows to an average length of 45 feet. These trees are usually used as decorative trees. However, Albizia trees could escape cultivation quickly through germination of its seed pods without proper control and attention. Removing the Albizia tree will ensure all your garden plants could survive.  



Things You Will Need 

  • Cardboard Shield 
  • Loppers 
  • Bypass Pruners 
  • Garden Sprayer 
  • Triclopyr or Glyphosate Herbicide 
  • Chainsaw 

First, formulate a 50% mixture of triclopyr herbicide and water or glyphosate herbicide and water in an empty sprayer. Follow the instructions in the label for mixing these herbicides. There are available herbicides that are ready-to-use. However, products that are mixed with water works better. 

Second, cut the tree stump of the Albizia tree to just overhead the ground level. Make a horizontal and straight cut using a handsaw or a chainsaw. It is better to cut it during spring, the time when it starts to flower. 

Third, if the diameter of the tree is bigger than 4-inch, spray the external 20% of the stump with the mixture and cover the whole cut that is exposed for smaller trees. The most significant part to apply the mixture is around the cambium layer between the wood and the bark. To prevent spray drift from affecting other plants, use a spray pattern that is low pressure.  

Fourth, make another fresh cut and apply again the mixture if there is no change after a month. The remaining stump must turn a brown or gray color and must dry up.  

Fifth, using loppers or bypass pruners, cut new seedlings near ground level. Spray it with the mixture. Also spray the leaves just enough to coat the tree. To prevent the mixture from affecting other plants, use a cardboard shield.  

Sixth, examine the area frequently for the growth of new seedlings. Pull by your hand any new grown seedlings as soon as you could grasp them. Or, you could spray the leaves with the mixture.  


Albizia must be removed during spring, even though fall is known to be the best time to remove other types of trees since the roots store nutrients actively during fall.  

Don’t confuse Albizia trees with trees in the family of Mimosa. The mimosa family is a group that contains around 600 species native in South America. Plants from this family are very invasive trees that could be removed using the same process. 


Wear safety goggles, pants, gloves, and long sleeves when using herbicides. This is to avoid skin contact and eye contact.  

Generally, Albizia trees rapidly grow up to 45 feet long. It makes it hard to control the fall’s direction. It may cause severe damage to properties in residential areas or severe injury. So, it is a lot better if you hire a professional tree removal service to remove trees that are already mature.